Sunday 26 March 2017

Ten Technologies to Consider for Contact Centers in 2017

The line made famous by the Rolling Stones, “Time waits for no one”, is especially true for technology. A little over two years ago I wrote a blog titled “Ten Things to Consider for a Better Contact Center”. While all of the items mentioned are still relevant, the Contact Center technology space has gained significant investment in new capabilities since that blog was published. Contact Centers have expanded their technology reach and with that comes the importance of understanding how new technology improves customer service. Properly understanding and implementing the various new offerings may help to greatly improve the widely held corporate goal of increasing customer service, both quality and satisfaction.

Thursday 9 March 2017

Cisco Distribution Sales Visibility: Another Step toward Ease of Doing Business

Last year, Cisco launched Distribution Sales Visibility (DSV) and began deploying it, country by country, across our distribution channel. Distis in Canada and the US are all now using DSV.

A Step toward EoDB

The whole point of DSV is to make Cisco easier to work with for our distributors and for the resellers they support. In most cases, it reduces the crediting of bookings to the Cisco sales team to hours vs. days, and removes the $100k order minimum. It also helps distributors leverage existing inventory and deliver the value-added services that give partners a competitive edge. It replaces Channel Bookings Neutrality (CBN) – a welcome change for many of us – and puts distribution ordering on equal footing with direct orders.